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At Neck & Back Center, we don’t just treat symptoms, we work at correcting the cause. We invest in the some of the best high tech tools available and utilize some of the most effective treatments to help you reach your optimum health as quickly as possible. You will also find our staff attentive and caring and our clinic a positive, healing atmosphere.
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We have many tools in our office to diagnose and treat your condition. Many of these tools are used in multiple phases of patient care. We will design a specialized treatment plan utilizing the specific combination of therapeutic tools required for your condition.

Click on a graphic below to learn more about the four phases of our treatment process or click HERE to speak with us..

At Neck & Back Center, we work to find the cause of your problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. We do this by giving every patient a thorough exam including patient history, neurological and orthopedic exams, a spinal analysis and full spine 14x36 x-ray when necessary.    

After your diagnosis is complete, you will have a report of findings meeting with the doctor. During this session we will explain your current situation, describe the cause of the problem and discuss treatment options. A member of our office staff will also be available to discuss treatment costs and payment arrangements.

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Pain Relief

Your initial treatment is intended to decrease inflammation, reduce spasms and alleviate any pain. The number of treatments necessary to accomplish this will depend on your age, underlying spinal condition, the length of time you have had your condition and other lifestyle choices.

One of the tools used to relieve pain is the chiropractic adjustment. We offer both manual and computerized adjustments. We also offer many different therapies to reduce and eliminate pain. Click on a therapy below to learn more:

Correction / Rehabilitation

For many patients, eliminating pain is only the first step. Many people decide to correct the cause of the problem, so the pain doesn’t come back.

During the Correction/Rehabilitation phase of care, the focus is on strengthening the soft tissue around the joint. This structural approach is designed to help prevent a relapse back to relief care.

In addition to traditional and computerized adjustments, we have several tools in our office to strengthen soft tissue such as muscles and ligaments. Click on a therapy below to learn more:

Maintenance / Wellness Care

When your goal is health…..you have come to the right place. We help people reach their healthcare goals.

Once you are out of pain, and your problem has reached its maximum medical improvement, we can provide an additional treatment plan to help you achieve optimum health. We offer occasional “check-ups” which will prevent relapses into the previous condition and address new conditions before symptoms appear.


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